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Misuses and misunderstandings of boundary theory in clinical and regulatory settings. Additionally, the inherent inequality in the doctor-patient relationship may lead to exploitation of the patient. Further, the necessary intensity of the treatment relationship may tend to activate sexual and other needs and fantasies on the part of both patient and psychiatrist, while weakening the objectivity necessary for control. Working in a flawed mental health care system: an ethical challenge. Washington, DC: American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry; 1995. Annotations to AACAP ethical code with special reference to evolving health care delivery and reimbursement systems. Ethics guidelines for the practice of forensic psychiatry. If Hollywood is an indicator of our most common fantasies, modern Americans want to sleep with their therapists.I am horrified that so many television shows and movies depict romantic relationships between therapists and clients as though they were perfectly normal!

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The writers of currently have the character Robin dating her previous therapist. Patient-therapist boundary issues: an integrative review of theory and research. Boundary violation and sexual exploitation in psychiatry and psychotherapy: a review. To cross or not to cross: do boundaries in therapy protect or harm?

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A continuing medical education approach to improve sexual boundaries of physicians.

The relationship has been rationalized through a series of cutesy excuses: “Well, we only had a handful of therapy sessions … ” and, “Well, if we have a session where the previous client now becomes the therapist, it will all balance out! In no way, shape, or form is dating a current or previous therapist healthy, ethical, or socially acceptable.