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Loneliness and social isolation are serious health hazards, and are closely linked to depression, self-neglect and mental illness, so more really does need to be done.As a keen crafter, I also strongly believe that craft provides positive and effective ways to build self esteem, connect people to others, and provide a sense of purpose – improving mental and social wellbeing.Now some local groups are using song, theater and dialogue to spread the message and change attitudes towards early marriage.of the highest rates of early marriage in the world, with one out of every two girls married by the age of 18, according to the umbrella group Girls Not Brides.I’m really excited about getting started, about showcasing and celebrating local people’s skills and talents through our products and about working with lots of great local people along the way!If there was one thing you could ask for from a Hub member, what would it be?

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HELEN WEST, The Rooted Project Helen is a Registered Dietitian, freelance writer and co-founder of The Rooted Project, a new venture that she says is designed to help people pick through all the nonsense in the world of nutrition and to make evidence-based nutrition information accessible and fun.

Info: follow The Rooted Project on Twitter or Instagram; uk LUCY WHITEHOUSE, Fumble Lucy is the co-founder of Fumble, a digital media platform providing sex and relationships education content to young people in a fun, engaging and shareable way. Telling people about Fumble is always endlessly motivating, because everyone is so on board with how important it is.