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20-Oct-2017 14:27

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In recent days, Comcast removed CSPAN 2, the Game Show Network and the Hallmark channel out of its analog package in Mobile, Ala.In areas of Pennsylvania, premium channels such as HBO, Showtime and Cinemax have been bumped to digital packages only.Watch any live event, like the Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, and there will be TV commercials. But one thing Comcast Xfinity X1 customers watching the Games this year won’t see: a new commercial every time they flip channels to a different event.The Comcast VIPER team in Denver took care of that.This adds up to subscribers spending more money on services from their cable provider, Schaeffler said.At the same time, analog signals take up more “space” than digital signals, so a move to digital potentially frees up bandwidth to provide more channels, including ones in high-definition.Customers with analog cable packages will also be unable to view cable channels such as CNN, without a digital set-top box. We are clearly an America that’s hinged on a digital future,” said Jimmy Schaeffler, senior multi-channel analyst for The Carmel Group.

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Those percentages are nearly the same for Colorado’s 800,000 Comcast subscribers.

The show, which is also available on demand in two- and four-minute increments, will add resale homes by the end of the month and expand its inventory of real estate across the state.

Comcast's Colorado Homes is the latest addition to the cable operator's local video-on-demand offerings, which started with Dating on Demand last year and will expand to showcase autos for sale and job listings in a few months.

The migration of all these channels to digital-only lineups is part of a multi-pronged strategy by cable operators to not only increase subscriber revenue but also to position their offerings in the minds of subscribers by February 2009.

That’s when the Federal Communications Commission will cut off analog, over-the-air TV signals.

Broadcasters will no longer be allowed to send programming via an analog signal.