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01-Sep-2017 15:30

And then something we take for granted everyday in our life happened - writing was discovered.While writing (and reading) was initially more of an art and could only be performed by a small minority, the advent of the printing press made books accessible and reduced the importance of memory due to the presence of external aids.The TREND is a forecast, and as such is valid for determining weather for the "one hour before and one hour after" requirement for the selection of alternates and the like.10.13 TREND 10.13.1 For selected aerodromes, this is a forecast of significant changes in conditions during the two hours after the observation time: a.

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Memory or rote learning has also got a bad name in society with our education system focusing on the processing of information rather than on remembering it.

That's my understanding without going to look it up, anyway. In my part of the world, a METAR is just that; a Report.

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